12th HSC English Sample Paper 4





Section I: Prose

(Reading for Comprehension, Language Study, Grammar, Note-making, Mind Mapping)

Q.1. (A) Read the extract and complete the activities given below:

  1. Location Tracking: Big Data has been useful in identifying and tracking the exact location of a place. Your GPS and Google Maps make use of Big Data. With geographic positioning and radio frequency identification sensors we get the realtime data about traffic, congestion on a particular route, information if the route is closed or if it is a one-way route, understanding accident prone areas etc You can plan your own route according to the travel time and the transportation of goods. If you have ordered something online you can track the location of your goods in transit, you can also track the condition of the goods. This has immensely helped the logistics companies to reduce risks in transport, improve speed and reliability in delivery.
  2. Understanding the Weather Patterns: There are weather sensors and satellites set-up all around the globe. Huge amount of data is continuously being received from them. They help us to understand the weather and help in weather forecasting. Weather patterns give us warnings of the impending natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, tsunami etc. Necessary preparations to combat them can be made well in advance. We can study global warming, predict availability of natural resources like water.
  3. Health Care Industry: Today, we see that people have become health conscious. The smart watches, other wearable, health apps in our phone keep on collecting data. We can say that they are our own mini biomedical research devices. They detect our heart rate, monitor the patient’s sleep pattern, keep a record of his exercise, the distance walked etc. The analysis of this data collected can give new insights and provide a personalized, individual feedback to each and every person.

A1. Complete the following:

A2. Mention the ways to reduce risk in tansport.

A3. Write some ways of tracking the condition of goods.
A4. Do you use Google Maps and GPS? Justify your answer

A5. Do as directed:

  1. Big Data has been useful in identifying and tracking the exact location of a place (Rewrite using ‘as well as’)
  2. Huge amount of data is being received from them (Rewrite beginning with we…..)

A6. Complete the following table:









(B) Language study

B1. Do as directed/Transformation of sentences:

  1. Her family and their well-being were her highest priority. (Rewrite as an interrogative sentence)
  2. The boy had to find books and read them before the day ended. (Rewrite using ‘not only——but also’)
  3. If everything goes well they will get a reward. (Rewrite using ‘unless’)

B2. Spot the error in the given sentences and rewrite the correct sentences:

He was unable to participate due to a health problems.

Q.2. (A) Read the extract and complete the activities given below:

The call of the seas has always found an echo in me. Not being rich enough to roam in a private yacht. I have taken the poor man’s way out. I swim across them. I have always been fascinated by the Indian ocean-whether at Mumbai, at Puri or at Gopalpur. I have swam in all these places and have felt the thrill. But the idea of swimming the Palk Strait did not occur to me until after I swam in the English channel. Steeped in the history and tradition of this nation, practically unconquered, teaming with hair-raising hazards, the sea between India and Sri Lanka had all the elements of challenge, danger and difficulty that tempted me. By the way for preparation I continued a strict and rigorous course of training which began in 1960.1 also had to collect a comprehensive range of facts and information about this sea. Neither was easy.

Despite all the information I had gathered, I soon found that very little was known about the Palk Strait, especially about the tides and currents. Every thing about the English channel is known; there is a


B Health

Health and fitness anthespotblog.com/ 2021

Archive Health and Fitness

Report It is rightly said that ‘A sound mind in a

Abuse sound body’. It clearly shows that if we are physically healthy, then our mind also works in an efficient manner. For leading a happy and cheerful life health proves to be important. All those, who are aware of the importance of being healthy, make efforts for staying fit.

Our happiness depends upon our health. But how can we keep ourselves physically and mentally fit? We need to take in the proper nutritional diet and stop eating when we feel like eating something more. We should totally avoid junk food. This is not enough as regular physical exercise must accompany it. Adequate exercise makes a person vigorous. Yoga and Pranayam can prove to a good solution to keep oneself mentally and emotionally fit and strong.

It is said that ‘Empty mind is devil’s workship’. An idle person can never enjoy good health and happiness. Having sufficient rest is also a requirement for remaining fit and healthy. We need to keep in mind the proverbs. “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. Fruits and vegetables must be added in our diet as they provide vitamins, carbohydrates and essential nutrients.

For enjoying good health, life should be free from anxieties. Just remember ‘Health is Wealth’.



What do pets do for us?

  • Give company in our loneliness.
  • Offer security for our homes.
  • Give us extreme love, affection.

What can we do for them?

  • Be Gentle – Be Merciful – Feed them HAVING A PET SECURES LIFE

Issued by – PETA

Section IV : Literary Genre-Novel

  1. (A) 1. Murasaki Shikiba – Tale of Genji, Novella – New, Don Quisote – Cervantes, Raj Mohan’s wife Bankimchandra Chattopadhyaya.
  2. The term ‘Stream of Consciouness’ means the flow of thought going on in the inner mind of the characters. In such a novel, all the incidents in the plot are in the sequence of their occurrence. In such novels, the novelist narrates each incident as they occur in the character’s mind. Sometimes they do not create any sense but, they represent the thoughts without any editing.

(B) 1. – Honest

  • Smart
  • Cool-tempered
  • Authoritative
  1. The theme of ‘To Sir, With Love’ is the relationship between teacher and student and the halfyearly report of the students’ council. It depicts the improvement in students’ conduct and their increasing confidence. It also depicts the freedom in the interaction between student and teacher.
    (C) 1. James Strand is not a major character in ‘Around the World in Eighty Days: James Strand was the actual bank robber and Fix was searching for him.
  2. Fogg lives in London and regularly visited. The ‘Reform Club’ is also there in London. Fogg accepts the wager in London. Fogg’s journey begins from London and it also ends in London. In this manner, London becomes the central place in the novel.

(D) 1. Kind

  • Charming
  • Intuitive
  • Sensitive
  1. The theme of ‘The Signs of Four’ is Mary Morstan’s meeting Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson to narrate her problems and their trip to meet the writer of the mysterious letter.

Madhav Laghate, the director of Gandhi Mission and Ms. Sulabha Shrotri, the director of Sabarvan Ashram. I also welcome all the parents, citizens of the area and everyone present here.

(c) Now, let us begin the birth anniversary programme of Mahatma Gandhi by garlanding Gandhiji’s image. I request the chief guests to garland the image of Gandhiji. For this, I request the principal and other dignitaries to please come along.

Thank you all!

(d) We are really lucky to have these chief guests for our function. Let me introduce them to all of you. Mr. Madhav Laghate is the former professor of N.M. college, Mumbai. He has written many books on the life of Mahatma Gandhi. At present, he is working as the director of Gandhi Mission.

Our next chief guest is Ms. Salabha Shrotri. She runs an orphanage named as Sabarvan Ashram in Pune. She works actively for the well-being of the deprived children in the city.

Now, I request the principal of our college to welcome the chief guests.

Let’s give a big round of applause to our chief guests. Thank you all

(e) Now I welcome the best singer of our college, Vinit and his group, to present two songs in memory of Mahatma Gandhi.

Thank you Vinit for these lovely songs.

Now, I request our chief guest Mr. Madhav Laghate to express his thoughts on this occasion.

Thank you, Sir your speech has given all of us enough inspiration to follow the truthfulness in our lives. Now, I request our second chief guest Ms. Salabha Shrotri to expess her thought.

A round of applause for both the guests. We are really grateful to both of you for the inspiration you’ve given to us.

Now, I call upon the stage Ms. Neha Bagal to express her thoughts briefly on this occasion.

Thank you, Neha

(f) Now, we are nearing the conclusion of this programme. But I would like to congratulate everyone for the success of the programme. Now I invite Ms. Pradnya to deliver a vote of thanks. Thank you

Every man is the Architect of his own Future

The given proverb clearly tells that each and every person is responsible for his state of mind as well as his life. There are some people who get success and satisfaction in the world outside. They really try hard to get whatever they are wishing for. If they can’t achieve what they want, they start feeling unhappy. Actually, everyone is entirely responsible for one’s success or failure.

Many people around are pessimistic lead a monotonous life and hold grudges about everything. But there are some people around who are very enthusiastic and optimistic. So, it depends upon the person how to deal with life. Man is the creator of his own fate. With hard work, man can achieve success. Such people are ready to face hardships to get the best opportunity in life. But people living idly lose the opportunities and go on grudging about everything. Using the talent well, helps in succeeding in life.

Having positive attitude along with hard work and perseverance proves to be the perfect recipe to achieve success in life. A person has to think well and decide on which way to walk. One can shape one’s life with the help of positive approach to life.

Film Review

The movie ‘Dangal’ is about Mahavir Singh Fogat’s efforts to get a gold medal for his country. Inspite of his desire he could not fulfil it as his poverty makes him to do job for livelihood. He gives up wrestling and keeps his dreams alive in his daughters. Once his daughter Geeta and Babita beat two boys, they start hoping to fulfil his dreams. He trains them to win a gold medal. After a great struggle Geeta gets selected for the International competition. Mahavir trains her secretly and finally she wins the coveted medal.

The film is produced by Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao. The director, Nilesh Tiwari has managed to pay attention to each and every facet of the film. Even the music composed by Pritam adds to the overall impact.

The film beautifully portrays the conflict going on in the father’s mind, if his daughters could participate in wrestling effectively or not. The daughters feel irritated by the tough training of their father but later on they start realising the significance of it. The conflict between a father and a daughter is very sharply presented in the film.

I like the film very much as it offers a very good message that girls are not at all less in any field and they can work very hard to offer glory to themselves and their nation.
(c) Problems/Struggles faced

(d) His/Her inspiration

(e) Conclusion

(C) Attempt any ONE of the following:


Prepare a speech on ‘The place of women in Indian society’ in about words.



Imagine that you are a compere of the ‘Independence Day’ function in your college. Write a script in about 100-150 words with the help of the points given below:

(a) Introduction-A brief introduction of the programme/ function/show

(b) Flag hoisting

(c) National Anthem and Pledge

(d) Principal’s Speech

(e) Songs

(f) Vote of thanks


  1. Expansion of an Ideas:

Expand the following idea in about 100-150 words.

‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’

(D) Attempt any ONE of the following:

Write the review of a film that you have recently seen based on any four of the following points:

(a) Star cast

(b) Theme of the film

(c) Conflicts presented in the film

(d) Producer and Director

(e) Why did you like/not like the film?



Write a blog in a proper format on ‘Communication skills’. in about 100-150 words with the help of following points:

(a) Importance of communication

(b) Aspects of communication skills

(c) Ways to improve them

(d) Add your own points



Prepare a leaflet on ‘Blood Donation’ with the help of following points:

(a) Save lives of many

(b) No effect on donor’s health

(c) A gesture going a long way

(d) Add your own points

Section IV : Literary Genre-Novel

Q.5. (A) Complete the activities given below as per the instructions:

  1. Complete the following statements:
  2. The two types of conflicts that the plot may have are
  3. The word ‘picaresque’ is originated from
  4. The epistolary novel presents the narrative through
  5. In the 18th century, middle class could get the time for reading and discussing the novels because.
  6. Write a short note of about 50 words on:

‘Style of the novel’

(B) Answer the questions given below in about 50 words:

  1. Complete the following with the traits of Potter:




…………………. (c)


  1. Explain in brief the theme of ‘To Sir, With Love’.

(C) Answer the questions given below in about 50 words:

  1. Complete the following with the traits of:
  1. Write 4-5 sentences on theme of ‘morality’ in ‘Around the World in Eighty Days.

(D) Answer the questions given below in about 50 words:

  1. Holmes is always a step ahead of Dr. Watson in solving cases. Justify this statement::
  2. “Our quest does not appear to take as to very fashionable regions.” Elaborate.

You have earned one more tomorrow by the work you did today?

A1. Find out expressions/ phrases which denote ‘going away’, from each stanza.

A2. Elaborate the idea expressed in the given lines. ‘As you close your eyes in slumber do you think that God would say, you have earned one more tomorrow by the work you did today?

A3. Describe the various ways you use to greet your elder.

A4. Identify an example of ‘Synecdoche’ from the poem and explain it.

A5. Compose 2-4 lines on your own on ‘Good deeds’.

B. Read the extract and write the appreciation based on the aspects given bleow:

Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road,

Healthy, free, the world before me,

The long brown path before me leading wherever I choose.

Henceforth I ask not good-fortune, I myself am goodfortune,

Henceforth I whimper no more, postpone no more, need nothing,
Done with indoor complaints, libraries, querulous criticisms,

Strong and content I travel the open road.

The earth, that is sufficient,

I do not want the constellations any nearer.

I know they are very well where they are,

I know they suffice for those who belong to them.

(Still here I carry my old delicious burdens, I carry them, men and women, I carry them with me wherever I go,

I swear it is impossible for me to get rid of them, I am fill’d with them, and I will fill them in return.)

You may use the following points for writing the appreciation in about 100-150 words:

(a) Title and the poet

(b) Theme/Central idea

(c) Poetic style used in the poem

(d) Poetic devices

(e) Message and your opinion

Section III : Writing Skills

Q. 4. Complete the activities as per the instructions given below :

(A) Attempt any ONE of the following:

Drafting virtual messages / Statement of purpose / Group discussion.

Rajat comes home from school and finds the door locked. Since he has a duplicate key, he enters and finds a note of his mother kept on the table. In it, she explains that she had to rush to the hospital with Mrs. Manohar, their neighbour, who had met with an accident. She has also written that he should have the rice and curry kept on the dining table for lunch. He could heat the food in the microwave oven if he wants to, but he should be very careful while handling the switch.

Draft the message which Rajat’s mother left for him.


You are an avid animal lover. You have a pet dog and some love birds at home. You are extremely fond of them. You have been a member of bird watcher’s club. You have loved going on a safari. You have taken care of orphan animals, or animal who gets hurt. In school you loved biology. You wish to make a career in this field. The university of Cambridge offers an excellent course/programme which would boost your career. Make a statement of purpose which will help you to get admission to this university.


You and your friends are talking about ‘Clean India’. Have a group discussion with your friends about it. Write atleast four/five views in the form of dialogues.
(B) Attempt any ONE of the following:


You live at Gautam Nagar, Aurangabad. There is no good bus service. Write an e-mail to the Director, Aurangabad City Transport Corporation to solve the problem. You may take help of the following points:

(a) Buses do not ply regularly

(b) Working people, students get delayed

(c) Buses come late or are overcrowded

(d) Demand to increase frequency


Report Writing:

Your college celebrated its ‘Silver Jubilee Celebration, Imagine you are the class representative. Write a report on it with help of following points:

(a) Preparation for the function

(b) Chief Guest and his speech

(c) Speeches by college staff

(d) Prize distribution ceremony

(e) Add your own points.



Imagine you are supposed to interview a famous social worker in your region. Frame a set of 8 to 10 questions. Interview him/her with the help of following points:

(a) Introducing the guest

(b) His/Her mission

Channel Swimming Association, there are trained pilots there are woots to be hired, accurate weather forecasts, dependable tide tables and every other form of assistance was readily available. All that one needed was money. Here in the Palk Strait one has to find out firstly from where information could be obtained and then decide how much of it could be incorrect or misleading!

A1. State wheather the following statements are True and False:

  1. The narrator liked to listen to the call of the seas.
  2. The narrator used a yacht at Mumbai, Puri or Gopalpur.
  3. The seas between India and Bangladesh had the elements of challenge.
  4. No information was available about the tides and currents of the Palk Strait.

A2. Complete the following question:

Swimming in the English channel is easy because:

4 .

A3. The narrator had an intense desire to swim in the Palk Strait. Explain the reasons for it.

A4. Do you like to have an adventurous life? Give reasons for your answer.

A5. Do as directed:

  1. Verylittle was known about the Palk Strait. (Rewrite as a negative sentence)
  2. I had to collect a comprehensive range of facts. (Rewrite the sentence beginning with ‘ comprehensive

A6. Give the noun form of the following words:
(i) rigorous
(ii) thrill
(iii) continued
(iv) dependable

(B) Summary Writing

Write a brief summary of the above extract with the help of the given points and suggest a suitable title.
Attraction for the seas-fascination for the Palk Straitcomparison between the English channel and the Palk Strait.

(C) Note-making / Mind-mapping Read the following extract and complete the chart that follows:

Vitamins play a very significant role in maintenance of good health and they build a resistance power in human body. These vitamins are named by the scientists as vitamins and . Vitarnin is found in tomato, egg yolk, vegetables and fruits, liver milk etc. Vitamin A is very important for vision, growth and protection. It helps in the sketetal and tissue growth. Many vitamins are grouped under vitamin B complex group. The vitamins categorised under these group can be sought from seeds, meat, soyabean, green vegetables, milk, eggs etc Vitamin B complex group is very essential in growth, metabolism, formation of blood and for nervous system. Vitamin is found in lemon, orange, amla and fresh vegetable. It is essential for the development of iron and calcium in the human body. Vitamin D is found in eggs, liver fish oil, butter etc. Vitamin D helps in growth and development of bones and teeth. It plays an important role in absorption and deposition of calcium and phosphorus. Deficiency of vitamin E does not occur normally in human body. Vitamin E is present in vegetables, oils, grain cereals, pulses, nuts and oil seeds, dark green leafy vegetables. It is also present in liver, egg yolk. It is useful for normal reproduction.



Benefits for health




Development of

iron and calcium

Eggs, liver fish oil,


Helpful for normal


Section II : Poetry

(Poetry and Appreciation)

Q.3. (A) Read the extract and complete the activities given below:

Is anybody happier because you passed his way?

Does anyone remember that you spoke to him today?

This day is almost over, and its toiling time is through; Is there anyone to utter now a kindly word of you?

Did you give a cheerful greeting to the friend who came along?

Or a churlish sort of “Howdy” and then vanish in the throng? Were you selfish pure and simple as you rushed along the way,

Or is someone mighty grateful for a deed you did today?
Can you say tonight, in parting with the days that’s slipping fast,

That you helped a single brother of the many that you passed?

Is a single heart rejoicing over what you did or said;

Does a man whose hopes were fading now with courage look ahead?

Did you waste the day, or lose it, was it well or sorely spent?

Did you leave a trail of kindness or a scar of discontent? As you close your eyes in slumber do you think that God would say.

Suresh: Right there is dirty water running on the streets causing foul smell to spread alongwith the nuisance of mosquitoes and flies. It is causing extremely unhealthy and unhygenic circumstances.

I: I feel that this is just one fact of the concept of cleanliness.

Reena: What do you want to suggest?

I: See, I feel that cleanliness needs to be followed in all the aspects of life. Moral or ethical cleanlines also have an atmost importance.

Reena: True. Usually what people say and what they actually do are different things. While speaking. people use high sounding phrases pleasing others but their actions are narrow minded and self-centered.

Ramesh: We all are in agreement with it. There is a need of cleanliness to be maintained everywhere.

Suresh: True. Only then we can experience the touch of godliness making our lives golden.

(B) To: directorcitytransport@google.com

From: ttk@gmail.com

Subject: Problem of transportation of Ram Nagar


I would like to draw your attention to the problem of transportation in Bajaj Nagar. There is very poor transport service available between this area and other parts of the city. A large number of people work everywhere in the city and suffer a lot due to inadequate frequency of buses.

All the residents are tired of these problems as the working people are reaching late to their offices and children cannot reach their schools on time. Many commuters just keep on coasting for the buses which never comes on time. Its a great pity to see people running after the buses which do not stop being overcrowded.

I request you to look into the matter without delay. There is a need of increasing the number of buses on this route and their frequency should also be increased.

Thanking you


A.B. Ragi


Silver Jubilee Celebration

ABC College, Jan, 10: ABC College of Pune celebrated the Silver Jubilee yesterday in its premises with great vigour and enthausiasm. From the foundation day of the college, it has really proved itself as one of the best educational institutions in the city. Hence, the college management organised a grand celebration on the completion of 25 years of its meritorious services to the cause of education.

The premises of the college were beautifully deocrated with flowers, balloons and colourful pictures. A huge poster was set up on the ground. The State Education Minister graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. Many prestigious people were specially invited. The programme started with a welcome song sung by the members of the cultural committee. Then a special magazine reviewing the glorious twenty-five years of the college was published by the chief guest. The Principal gave an introductory speech highlighting the institute’s contribution in the field of education. All the meritorious students were given away prizes by the chief guest. He honoured the teachers for their devotion. The chief guest also appreciated the institute in his speech and appealed the students to uplift the institute’s name to greater heights in sports, academics and social service. He mentioned the importance of vocational courses. He then declared a donation of 50 lacs for the development of the college. Finally, the valedictory speech was given by the Vice Principal of the college.

Then function ended with the choir singing the National Anthem.


CR, ABC College

Today we have a special guest among us who is a famous social worker in Maharashtra, Dr. Prakash Amte. Sir may I ask some questions to you:

(a) What inspired you to enter into the field of social work?

(b) What do you do to serve the lepers?

(c) Would you like to share any remarkable experience with us?

(d) What problems do you face when you actually work on the field?

(e) How do you overcome the hardships coming in your way?

(f) What are your future plans about development of society?

(g) How do you get such tremendous energy to serve the people?

(h) How do you balance your personal life and social work?

(i) What message would you like to give to the youngsters for entering into the field?

Thank you very much for such an inspiring discussion.

(C) Honourable principal, respected teachers and my dear friends.

Today I am standing here to express my views on the place of women in Indian society. Women are undoubtedly an important part in each family. But sometimes their role is considered to be for family only which is not true at all. They have gone beyond their families and are serving the society. Earlier, women were given secondary place in India and they had no rights in the male dominated society. Nowadays, the conditions have changed.

Now, women have moved ahead in all the fields. They can handle their professional life besides their domestic works. They are always ready to make any kind of sacrifice for their family. Today, women are well equipped with education, business, confidence, self respect and independence.

We are living in the world of globalisation and modernisation. All are equal then, why do we consider women inferior? We must treat women with proper respect and dignity.

Thank you all

Section II : Poetry

Q.3. (A) A1.

The expressions or phrases denoting ‘going away’ are:

First stanza ‘is almost over’

Second stanza- ‘passed his way’

Third stanza-is almost over’

Fourth stanza- ‘vanish in the theory’

Fifth stanza- ‘rushed along’

Sixth stanza-‘fading now’

A2. The poet implicitly suggest that we should make our life useful for others to justify our existence today so that God can grant us another day. Though we can’t do anything, we can atleast speak a kind word to a stranger. If we really live selflessly, we can earn our tomorrow.

A3. We should greet the elders with love and respect by touching their feet as per our tradition. We should make an effort that they that never feel lonely and take care of them in all possible ways. Sometimes, we can greet them with folded hands.

A4. The example of ‘Synecdoche’ is:

‘Is a single heart rejoicing over what you said or did’

Here, the word ‘heart’ which is a part represents the person rejoining which is the whole idea.
A5. Good Deeds

Tree gives cool shade and fruits

River with sweetness of water flows

If came a stranger gloomy and sad

Cheer him up, not to feel bad

(B) The poem ‘The song of The Open Road’ is composed by Walt Whitman.

The poem contains optimism and great confidence because the world offers many opportunities. The poem contains autobiographical touch as Wall Whitman himself struggled a lot in his own childhood. The title of the poem has an adjective ‘open’ for the road of life. It stands for freedom as the poet suggests the need of going away from all the bindings as well as comforts. He wants to become self reliant as he possesses the confidence needed for it.

The poem is composed as a free verse as it has no rhyme. The poet has made use of poetic devices like repetition, paradox, figures of speech like ‘Done with indoor complaints’, libraries querulous complaints add charm to the poem.

The poem can be called as a dramatic monologue. Through this poem, the poet inspires us to explore the world using all our abilities.

Section III : Writing Skills

Q.4. (A)



Mrs. Manohar, our neighbour, has met with an accident so I am rushing to the hospital with her. I have kept rice and curry on the dining table for your lunch. Use our microwave oven to heat the food if you want and be very careful while handling the switch Mother


Statement of Purpose

I was extremely fascinated by nature and its aspects right from my childhood. This interest just went on deepening with the growing age. I love watching the tame as well as wild animals. It has brought me very close to the subjects like evolution and biology/ zoology.

The behaviour of pet animals, birds fascinates me a lot and I keep on observing them for hours. Fortunately, my parents never object to it so I could continue it. Due to this, right from the school days Biology has proved to be my most favourite subject. Initially I was not aware of the fact that there are certain courses which will help me to move further in my interest. But after collecting sufficient information, I have realised that the graduation course in biology concentrating on animal behaviours is the best option for me.

My father is a veterinary doctor and my mother works for an NGO, taking care of domestic and wild animals.
So, I got an opportunity to come close to animals, birds and nature. I am a member of Bird Watcher club and I am really fond of them. My evolutionary thinking expanded and I knew about many of endangered species. I also take time to serve the orphan animals or birds due to the unwanted circumstances.

Inspite of my interaction with animals and birds, my theoretical studies have nothing to mention. I have read many works of pioneers and experts in the field. I am eager to gain more knowledge so I want to be in your reputed course to boost my career.

I am ready to work hard with my open minded disposition and dedication towards this stream. I am looking forward to share my ideas with my fellow students and all eminent professors of your reputed institution. I hope that my application for the graduation programme and research will be offered due consideration.


Group discussion about ‘Clean India’.

I: Nowadays, we see filth and dirt everywhere as cleanliness is utterly neglected. What do you think?

Ramesh: It’s true. It seems that we are forgetting the truth of the expression ‘cleanliness is next to Godliness’. The garbage bins are overflowing, they are not getting cleaned regularly-Besides, people spit everywhere to add to it.

Answer Key

Section I: Prose

(Reading for Comprehension, Language Study, Grammar, Note-making, Mind mapping)

Q.1. (A) A1.


the weather

give warnings of

impending natural




Weather sensors and

satellites help us in

A2. Big Data is useful in tracking the location of a place GPS and Google Maps use Big Data so we can receive information about traffic, congestion on a particular route. So, we can plan our route according to travel time. We can track the location of our goods ordered online in transit and also the condition of the goods. It helps companies to reduce risks in transport. improve speed and reliability in delivery.

A3. If we have ordered something online, we can track the condition of the goods. It has helped the logistics companies to reduce risks in transport, improve speed and reliability in delivery.

A4. While using the two wheeler and going to a certain destination, I use GPS and Google Maps to follow the correct route. Once while going to Malvan, I used of Google Map to calculate the exact distance to cover and find out the best and nearer routes to go there.

A5. (1) Big Data has been useful in identifying as well as tracking the exact location of a plane.

(2) We continuously receive a huge amount of data from them.











(B) B1. (1) Weren’t her family and their well-being her highest priority?

(2) The boy had not only to find books but also read them before the day ended.

(3) Unless everything goes well they will not get a reward.

(B) B2. He was unable to participate due to a health problem.

Q.2. (A) A1. 1. True

  1. False
  2. False
  3. True
    A2. 1. There are trained pilots available to help us.
  4. There are boats that can be hired.
  5. Accurate weather forecasts are found easily.
  6. There is availability of dependable tide tables and all the assistance is easily available.

A3. The Palk Strait was steeped in tradition and it was considered to be unconquered as it is full of many dangers. It was a tremendous challenge to swim there so the narrator had an intense desire to swim in the palk strait.

A4. I will certainly like to have an adventurous life. I really like to go on treks and hikes with my friends. I like to wander in search of an opportunity to go on a trek. Trekking offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy freedom of being in the company of nature.

A5. 1. Not much was known about the Palk Strait.

  1. A comprehensive range of facts had to be collected by me.

A6. (i) rigorosity rigour

(ii) Thrill

(iii) Continuity

(iv) Dependability

(B) Palk Strait

As the narrator wasn’t rich, he liked to swim across the seas as the seas were tempting him much. He yearned to cross the Palk Strait as it was thought to be practically unconquered and full of many hazards. Swimming the English Channel was easy, plenty of information and assitance was available there. But regarding the Palk strait, not much was known.




Benefits for health


Tomato, egg, yolk,

vegetables, fruits, liver


For vision, growth,

protection skeletal and

tissue growth


Seeds, meat, soyabean,

green vegetables, milk

eggs etc.

Growth, metabolism,

formation of wood and

for nervous system.


Lemon, amla, orange,

fresh vegetable

Development of iron

and calcium


Egg, liver fish oil, butter


Growth of bone and

teeth absorption and


Vegetables, oils, grain

cereals, pulses, nuts and

oil seeds, dark green

leafy vegetables.

deposition of calcium

and phosporus.

Helpful for normal