Chapter 4.5 Seeing Eyes Helping Hands


Chapter 4.5 Seeing Eyes Helping Hands

Textbook Questions and Answers

1. Study the following format of an informal letter carefully.

Using the format, (a) Write an informal letter to your friend who has gone to another town for a month. (b) Write a personal letter of thank to an elder person.

a. Mogra Villa,
B -116,
Linking Road,
Mumbai – 54.
20th June, 2019.

Dear granny,

How are you? I hope you are taking care of your health. I am sure grandpa too is doing good.

Thank you for the wonderful present you have sent me on my birthday! It was really overwhelming to be remembered and I felt so specially when I received my favourite ‘Harry Potter’ book series.

I enjoyed reading the first book and I am sharing it with my friends too. I am sure to improve my reading skills after reading these books. I will remember you everytime I look at the books or read them.

Thank you granny, I really appreciate your thought and love. Hoping to see you soon. Bye and take care.

Give my love to grandpa.
Your loving granddaughter,

b. 73, Minar Road,
Bandra (West),
Mumbai – 50.
21st June, 2019.

Dear Rohini,

How are you? I am sure you are doing good. How is the weather in Pune? You told me that you had to go to Pune for a month because you were selected for the women’s cricket coaching.

I know you have never been to Pune before. Are you excited? Where are you staying? How is the coaching going on? I wish I too was selected. We could have had fun together. How are the other girls who have come for the same? I know that they have come from different places from Maharashtra. Have you made any new friends? I know your nature will be liked by all and you are going to do your best. I am already missing you. Counting the days and waiting for the month to come to an end quickly.

I know you are busy with your new opportunities. Wish you all the luck. Take care and remain healthy.

Your loving friend,

2. Form a group of four to six. As a group activity, write a conversation In which a person/a group of persons thanks, someone.

Question 1.
Form a group of four to six. As a group activity, write a conversation In which a person/a group of persons thanks someone.

  • Mona: Wow! What a pleasant surprise!
  • Tina: Mona, I have come to thank you for picking up my child from school.
  • Mona: You didn’t need to do that. Anyway I was picking up my child too.
  • Tina: I was unable to pick her on time. Knowing I could rely on You made me breathe a huge sigh of relief.
  • Mona: You could have called me. Why did you take the trouble of coming home all the way?
  • Tina: No It was not a trouble for me. I wanted to thank you personally. I do appreciate your willingness to help. Thank you once again for the timely help at such a short notice.
  • Mona: Thank you for appreciating. You can count on me anytime. I know you have a very busy schedule. Don’t worry, 111 always be there when you need me.
  • Tina: I won’t make it a habit but thank you once again for being such a wonderful person.
  • Mona: It will be my pleasure to be of any help possible and thank you for the kind words

Additional Important Questions and Answers

Formal letter (A letter of thanks).

Question 1.
Write a letter of thanks to the owner of a shop.
Mogra Villa,
B -116,
Linking Road,
Mumbai – 54.
3rd July, 2017.

Mr. Singh,
Shop No. – 25 Vile Parle (E),
Mumbai – 57.
Mr Singh,

I would like to convey my thanks to you and your team of salesmen. They have done a wonderful job.

My mother who is quite elderly and has difficulty in hearing, had visited your store. She was overwhelmed by the helpful treatment. She praised your team and you too, who have made them so. If everyone could be as pleasant and helpful, our world would be a better and much happier place.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart and please convey my appreciation and thanks to your team as well.

With warm regards.
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

Summary in English

This chapter teaches us how to write a letter whether informal or formal. An informal letter is written in a friendly manner to your family, friends and near and dear ones. A formal letter is a professional way of communicating for official purpose. It can be in the way of appreciation, complaint or application.
A letter of thanks can be formal or informal.


This chapter ‘Seeing Eyes Helping Hands’ introduces us to a couple of writing skills in the form of letter writing and dialogue writing.