Chapter 2.3 A Wall Magazine for your Class!


Chapter 2.3 A Wall Magazine for your Class!

Textbook Questions and Answers

Question 1.
Prepare a notice asking students to contribute towards the school magazine.
PVR Public School, Mumbai
Class Wall Magazine

29th June, 2016

Students of Standard VI are invited to contribute towards the Wall Magazine to be put up in your class. You could get different articles from old newspapers or periodicals. You could also write short stories, poems, jokes, riddles and much more. All materials brought should be handed over to your class representatives. Hurry!! Come up with different ideas and make a unique Wall Magazine in your class.

Question 2.
Ways to plan a Wall Magazine.

  1. Create a theme – e.g., craft ideas, I need help, recipes, etc.
  2. Gather material from students.
  3. See which matter would fit the theme.
  4. Use creativity in preparing the title.
  5. Decide how to arrange the content.
  6. Make the wall magazine colourful.
  7. Avoid spelling mistakes.
  8. Pictures and articles should be put in the right places.

Question 3.
Importance of Team Work
A Wall Magazine teaches students how to cordially work in groups, bringing out the best in everyone. It inculcates values such as sharing, tolerance, acceptance, etc.

  1. Brings about efficiency
  2. Better understanding
  3. Unique ideas
  4. Brings out the best in each student
  5. Makes work easier
  6. Makes work fun

Question 4.
List of topics that can be included on a Wall

  1. Stories
  2. Poems
  3. Puzzles
  4. Riddles
  5. Craft ideas
  6. Informative articles
  7. Jokes I need help
  8. Board games
  9. Book reviews
  10. Quizzes
  11. Study tips
  12. Health tips
  13. Fashion tips
  14. Beauty tips
  15. Gardening tips
  16. Recipes
  17. Solve my problem
  18. Science comer
  19. Photography comer
  20. Baby talk

You can add more to the list.

Summary in English


A wall magazine is a must for every class. It encourages and motivates students to shed their inhibitions and contribute their share of talent towards the magazine. It is a wonderful way to encourage students to read, write and find articles to be put up on the wall magazine. The topics could range from stories, poems, puzzles, riddles, quizzes, games, study tips, health tips, gardening tips, fashion designing, science and recipes. This would be an activity where most students would love to participate.